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Cow Sense is the flagship of Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C., which provides cattle software solutions to the beef industry. Perhaps no other time in history of the beef industry has information management had such significance for the decisions we make, or fail to make, in our operations. Those decisions dramatically affect profitability. Cow Sense is your information management solution. Now is the time, get your free Trial Edition! Download now!
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Cow Sense Online
Looking for a simple alternative to installing desktop software? Cow Sense Online is a basic, easy-to-use, online herd management solution. Record breeding cows, bulls, and their progeny. Manage inventory and compute standard weights and ratios that enable you to evaluate and select your breeding stock. This practice typically leads to overall herd improvement and greater profitability in you cows. Start FREE today with no risk or obligation! Try Cow Sense Online!
Cow Sense Store
Cow Sense Store is informative and helpful in choosing the right products for your needs. Find software, computers, services, tags and other gear. Browse freely. No purchase necessary, but when you do, our online payment is secure and easy with credit card or PayPal. Go to

  Cow Sense Herd Management software is a great solution for a multitude of areas in the beef industry:  

cattle software

cow calf production

breeding management

cattle tracking

cow performance

bull management

cattle management

cattle sales

semen inventory

cattle record keeping

cattle genetics

livestock weighing

cattle reporting

season management

cattle analysis

association interfaces

handheld solutions

chute-side cattle entry

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